James and the Giant Peach

By North Augusta Cultural Arts Council (other events)

4 Dates Through Jun 25, 2017

The North Augusta Cultural Arts Council’s production of “James and the Giant Peach” will be performed June 23-25 at Fox Creek High School.

The play, adapted by David Wood to continue the saga of Roald Dahl’s classic tale, features James, the narrator, as well as insect characters Miss Spider, Old-Green-Grasshopper, Centipede, Ladybird and Earthworm.

The play picks up where the Dahl classic leaves off, with James and his friends living in the giant peach stone in New York City’s Central Park. A tour guide brings a party of tourists (the audience) to see this major attraction, and James and his friends relate how they came to live in New York. The insects play the other roles, including James’ cruel Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker, and the epic journey across the Atlantic is acted out with live action, puppetry and storytelling.